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Augustin International Center Inc. (AICI), founded in 1992, is a seasoned job placement firm specialized in recruitment, documentation, and deployment of Filipino Workers and Professionals to reputable companies in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

AICI Was Born!

AUGUSTIN INTERNATIONAL CENTER, INC. / AICI was established in 1992 as an overseas employment agency initially providing craftsmen to some companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thru the dedicated leadership and foresight of its Chairman, Mr. George U. Augustin, it did not take much time before its name was made known to the Job Placement Industry and to the companies across the Middle East. Later, it was able to forge partnerships and provide Filipino Professionals and Workers for companies at other continents.


AICI Have Arrived!

Through consistent hardwork and with the support of new partner companies, deployed Filipinos, and government entities, AICI has accelerated its enlistment into other professional and technical lines such as medical services, food and beverages, sales and marketing, petrochemicals and heavy industries, manufacturing, general construction, and others.


AICI Delivers!

AICI specializes in recruitment, documentation, and deployment of Filipino Workers and Professionals to reputable companies in the Middle East and the rest of the world in the shortest time possible. In providing available and pre-screened applicants to the hiring companies, it employs qualifying techniques and measures to determine suitability of candidates for the company and vice versa. Transparency on documentation for hired candidates is one that made AICI won the trust of overseas job seekers, government entities and client-employers. Seasoned officers, trained frontliners, professional ambiance, and up-to-date operating procedures and systems make AICI deliver desired results to the clients ahead or on-schedule.


AICI Is With You!

Consistent abeyance to government rules and regulations, professional business engagement with client-companies, wide access of overseas network, linkages, and contacts are among the tools AICI has in order to assist in employment and management related problems should the need arise.


AICI Helps!

Being in the service of linking overseas career opportunities with workforce for 20 years now, it already deployed thousands of workers to the Middle East and to other parts of the world. In so doing, it helped thousands of families alleviate their standards of living, sent youth to schools, improved and built OFW family communities, and prop up the national economy.


AICI Follows!

AICI is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) and with Department of Labor and Employment (D.O.L.E.) through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (P.O.E.A.). It consistently follows rules and regulations of POEA and other government entities, and maintains and renews licenses and registrations with them.

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